The Gabe McKenna Mysteries
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“If you’re going through hell, keep going…”
Shaken by the death of his beloved wife and wrestling with powerful personal demons, Professor Gabriel McKenna leaves New York City for New Mexico to claim an inheritance from a mysterious distant relative. McKenna enters a world of violence, passion, sexual abuse, deceit, and death that cause him to question his core beliefs and values, and even his sense of self. McKenna must risk his life against overpowering odds, rekindle his long-dead fighting spirit and discover new reasons to live and love.

Winner: Best e-book, Best Mystery at the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards


"What do you do when the dead come back and your friends all disappear?"
All Gabe McKenna wanted was a new floor for his barn. What he got were seven corpses, all long dead. Seven rich men, missing from New York.
From New Mexico to New York to a lonely cliff once home to an ancient people, McKenna struggles against a bloodthirsty criminal enterprise for whom money matters more than anyone's life.

Chosen as Best e-Book and Best Mystery at the 2016 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards


"There's Always Room for One More Lie"

Reeling from family betrayal and tragedy, Gabe McKenna charts a new course as historical consultant on a motion picture filming in New Mexico. Before you can say "Action!", he is entangled in a web of illusion and deceit, with death playing a starring role. With the help of The Onion, a private investigator and long-time friend from New York, Gabe peels away layer after layer of dishonesty, battles a brutal drug cartel, finds himself accused of murder, and must unmask a mysterious, seductive woman to reveal the truth in a world full of lies.

Winner: Best Action-Adventure at the 2017 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards